Over the last few months, a large Zapatista delegation has been traveling around Europe with the objective of supporting, meeting, and exchanging with different social movements and local struggles all over Europe. During this “Journey for Life”, different members of the European Coordination Via Campesina had the opportunity to meet the Zapatista delegation in different European countries during visits to farms, communities, camps and offices.


During a meeting in Brussels between ECVC and one of the Zapatista delegations, the two organisations were able to exchange experiences on defending the rights of rural and indigenous communities within a grassroots movement. Both shared stories of their struggles and practices, touching on issues relating to the right to autonomy, the role of grassroots movements in tackling climate change, struggling for access to land, and the importance of political training and knowledge sharing.


ECVC, as a European organisation representing peasant farmers all over Europe, wants to underline its support to the Zapatista cause and tour around Europe. ECVC also wants to denounce the paramilitary attack  on the EZLN Bases de Apoyo of  Moisés-Gandhi Caracol 10 by the paramilitary forces of the Organización Regional de Cafeticultores de Ocosingo (ORCAO) that happened on the 10 November. ECVC demands to the Mexican government to act to stop such attacks and to respect the right to autonomy of the Zapatista communities.  See more info on the Zapatista journey for life in Europe at the following webpage: https://viajezapatista.eu/es/compromiso-manifiesto/