Brussels, 27 September, 2019 – ECVC joins actions across Europe and the world in response to climate and social emergencies. We demand that human rights and nature are given precedence over profit. Therefore, we must use public policies to move away from a corporate and export-focused agricultural model and move towards peasant agroecology.


Between 25-30% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the global food chain, in other words, the export agro-industry. For many years, ECVC together with La Via Campesina have been denouncing the role of the world food system within the climate crisis. The recent IPCC report on climate change and land confirms the reality and gravity of the situation.


If we are to have sustainable and healthy food sources, we need public policies to regulate markets and ensure small and medium-scale peasants are paid fair prices. In addition, these public policies must promote processes and changes towards peasant agroecology, which offers concrete ways to mitigate climate change and achieve the objectives of sustainable development.


It is incongruous and absurd to say that climate change is being fought and at the same time negotiate free trade agreements such as MERCOSUR and CETA. These agreements destroy the environment, promote industrial agriculture and destroy healthy and sustainable agricultural models.


We demand a clear commitment from our governments to fight against the climate crisis and a profound change in agricultural and food policies.  It is therefore essential to promote, use and implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Others Working in Rural Areas.





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Photo : Cop21, Paris, 2015