The position of small-scale farmers in the agricultural policies of the EU and their relationship to other stakeholders within those policies, is key to the work of ECVC. In the context of the current reform process of the CAP post-2020 as well as the socio-political discussions around environmental and climate issues, for ECVC there is an obvious need for small-scale farmers to be informed about and engage in work around the future CAP for Europe.


Furthermore, it is essential to tackle the knowledge gap in society about the CAP itself and more specifically about small-scale farming and its contribution to economically sound development in rural areas and to an environmental friendly and climate-neutral way of living. In order to be able to reap the most benefits from the CAP, we must therefore convene various stakeholders to fight for a more sustainable CAP for Europe, taking into account small-scale farmers’ needs.


On this page, therefore, you will find tools, resources and information on the CAP which can help farmers and the general public engage with and understand the topic on a deeper level. You can also visit our page on Agricultural Policy to learn more about related legislation.


This resource page has been put together under the framework of the project “Small farmers, big solutions: how the CAP can help family farmers”. The project foresees several types of activities to achieve these objectives, including information meetings and discussion
spaces for farmers and workshops and encounters with other stakeholders, a social media campaign bringing in more
narrative aspects about the daily life of small-scale farmers and the impact of CAP on it, and the dissemination of more
easily understandable information about agricultural policies and their impacts on society for the broader public. You will find all these resources and more on this page, as well as on the ECVC Facebook and Twitter pages.