Bagnolet, France – December 17, 2016


Basque Country: The peacemakers aren’t the terrorists


News of the arrest of several Basque activists in Louhossoa, including militant farmer and Confédération Paysanne member Michel Berrocoirigoin, brought with it both shock and indignation. Confédération paysanne demands their immediate release and proclaims solidarity with the arrested individuals. Social movements like theirs, built on the legitimate aspirations of a growing number of people, are more crucial now than ever before. We must organise, mobilise and show commitment to those causes that policymakers neglect or employ towards purely political ends.

With these arrests, the administration stands in the way of aspirations of the Basque people to live in peace. By deciding to incarcerate peaceful activists, the French state continues to repress and intimidate anyone who might take a stand and agitate for the common good. Confédération paysanne urges everyone to remain vigilant and support any action aimed at securing these activists’ release.


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Mikel Hiribarren, General Secretary, Basque Country : (+33) 06 38 91 04 83
Laurent Pinatel, Spokesperson Confédération Paysanne :  (+33) 06 80 58 97 22
Elina Bouchet, Communication officer Confédération Paysanne :  (+33) 06 95 29 80 78