Peasant and citizen solidarity against the criminalization of the Confédération Paysanne in France


In September, 6 members of the Confédération Paysanne, French affiliate of ECVC, were sentenced to pay 120,000 euros for their peaceful dismantling action in 2014 against an estate raising 1000 cows, more commonly known as the “1000-cow farm”.


These industrial farms represent a major threat to farmers, citizens, climate change and health. These industrial agriculture projects are becoming increasingly a big problem in Europe. Currently,  there is even the project of a 25,000 cow farm in Spain.


In addition, peasants, agricultural workers and migrant movements are criminalised throughout Europe because of their resistance and struggle to defend their rights and the right of all citizens to have access to healthy food.


This is why ECVC wants to make these struggles visible and promote solidarity mechanisms between farmers and citizens fighting to defend peasant agriculture and food sovereignty.


In line with this, ECVC invites you to support the Confédération Paysanne through an appeal for donations available via this link:


More information on the judgment here:


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