Organization: Agro-Perma-Lab

Country: Poland / International



Organization description


Agro-Perma-Lab is a capacity building training organisation, integrating political and popular education in Agroecology for leaders, activists and educators – members of farmers’ associations and allied organizations from the Food Sovereignty network in Poland. The project aims to strengthen Food Sovereignty movement, create dialogue and lasting solidarity relationships between critical organizational actors and sectors, as well as develop community-building and research tools in agroecology. More specifically, the training brings together small scale food producers’ organizations from different sectors (organic, traditional-peasant, family, permaculture farming) and connects generations to empower them to influence the political spaces and mechanisms in food and agriculture governance.




Training description


Watch film: (English subtitles available in seetings)


In 2019, 10-day residential Agro-Perma-Lab training was led by Andrea Ferrante and members of Nyeleni Polska. It translated and critically adapted the curriculum and methodology of the Schola Campesina – international training school in Peasant Agroecology and the Global Governance of Food and Agriculture and integrated it with the existing education in Agroecology from Poland. The pedagogical principles are rooted in the horizontal peer-to-peer method, “Diálogo de Saberes”. Agro-Perma-Lab also shaped the Polish articulation of the Declaration of Agroecology for the New Generation. Lastly, the project also developed resources for internal capacity-building and political training of Nyeleni Polska and resulted in the creation of a Farm Ecosystem Research Tool (based on diagnosis) that combined principles of agroecology and permaculture. For updates on offered trainings, please check our website or write coordinators.


PARTICIPANTS: the training program involved different kind of actors:


a) Core training Participants and Facilitators

The main training is directed to approximately 20 Polish participants:

●    small-scale food producers’ members of local and nationwide farmers’ association (60%)

●    Members of other social movement’s organizations (20%)

●    Members of Nyeleni Polska core collective (10%)

●    Members of research institutions (10%)

●    Facilitators and coordinators piloting the project (additional)


b) External speakers ( in person, online), coming from 3 constituencies:

●    Food producers’ organizations

●    Other social movements or NGO’s

●    Academics


c) 1 demonstration farm – the agroecology school, Ecological Folk Highschool, where the training takes place, and the local communities


d) Food Sovereignty Movement network organizations who will have open access to resources


e) The pedagogical network of farming-educators, who will cross-share perspectives and methodologies for teaching, learning and lobbying for Agroecology in Poland


f) International agroecology movement actors, who will receive a case-study of a scaled-down, context-adapted curriculum of Schola Campesina




Duration of the training

10 days, 8 month process for the project team and 5 month process for the trainees






The registration is announced on the website. Depending on the scale and type of the training (Agroecology, Permaculture, Seeds etc) it is for Polish or international participants.




Skills which can be acquired


  • Strengthening collaboration amongst diverse kinds of knowledge (“dialogue of knowledges”) held by a diversity of actors such as small-scale food producers, academics, activists from allied organizations etc.
  • Political training in agroecology for lobbying: developing the knowledge about mechanisms and tools in the governance of food and agriculture from international to national and regional scales.
  • Contributing to the lobbying activities for Agroecological education in Poland by bringing together pedagogical committee of actors concerned with education in sustainable agriculture.
  • Building capacities for effective organizing, facilitation and knowledge-sharing of Agroecology leaders-educators, to expand farmer-to-farmer outreach across regions and organisation.





Joanna Bojczewska, Weronika Koralewska – Coordinators

Phone: +695459857




Twitter: Nyeleni Polska