Organization: Atelier Paysan

Country: France




Organization Description


Atelier Paysan strives to develop technical and technological sovereignty for peasants thanks to an open source resource platform as a production tool for farms. Through the Atelier Paysan, farmers can therefore collectively develop tools and structures adapted to their agroecological practices. We promote farmers’ autonomy thanks to re-appropriation of knowledge and skills. Concretely, the Atelier Paysan builds, with farmers, machines and buildings for free (open source documents available on the website). It also organizes sessions for autobuilding trainings during which the farmers learn metal work while building their own tool.


Training Description


Peasant to peasant training, farmer to farmer, and engineer-trainer to farmer. The training is one horizontally but also through a referent person, that is to say an engineer from the cooperative.

At the end of the training, each participant can go back to its farm with a tool he knows how to build, repair and potentially adapt to his own needs. More than 80 training dates are available each year.



Our autobuilding trainings last from 2 to 5 days.

Our participative processes for technology building can last for several months. The farmers would have to commit to several days.



The training is open to people from other countries and organizations. But it is important to mention that the training costs are covered by the French funds for agriculture professional training. At the moment, a few foreign interns have been able to participate for free to our trainings: English and Belgian farmers for example.


Skills you can acquire :


-Adequate technologies for peasant agroecology

-Technological sovereignty

-User innovation

-Socio-technical network animation

-Open source documents


Contact :


N. Sinoir et F.Clerc : +33 7 85 41 99 024