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On Wednesday 13 October, in the context of the Second Conference on the Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F), organised on 14 and 15 October 2021 by the European Commission, ECVC is sending an open letter to the Vice-President of the Commission as well as to the Commissioners for Health, Agriculture and Environment and to the Members of the European Parliament.


For ECVC, the F2F Strategy is a promising first step towards a more holistic approach to agriculture, which takes into account the aspects of food relating to public health and the social and environmental challenges of agricultural production.


On the occasion of this conference, and in the face of the numerous attacks that have taken place recently aiming to weaken the Strategy, ECVC, as a farmers’ organisation that brings together farmers and agricultural and rural workers in 21 different European countries, wishes to express its support for the F2F objectives, but also to raise concerns about the trend to focus on technological solutions in certain narratives surrounding the Strategy and to point out the need to put in place solid regulatory tools. Without this, the objectives of the strategy cannot be achieved.


While the European Commission is working on its Legislative Framework on Sustainable Food Systems, announced for 2023, ECVC asks it to focus on the following points:


  • Supporting the path towards greater sustainability and clear steps towards agroecology.
  • Curbing the race towards new technological solutions and preserving the precautionary principle. Focus on ensuring Europe has a large number of farmers.
  • Working towards food sovereignty and stop free trade agreements and the deregulation of agricultural markets
  • Ensuring the effective participation of farmers’ organisations and affected populations


ECVC will continue to work towards a sustainable agriculture in Europe and demands that the different actors in the European decision-making process implement concrete mechanisms to achieve them.


According to Morgan Ody, a market gardener in Bretagne and member of the ECVC Coordinating Committee: “The objectives of the F2F Strategy for a more sustainable agriculture are both realistic and very much needed in order to fight against climate change and the dramatic loss of biodiversity. This strategy does not threaten EU food production. On the contrary, without ambitious policies to support agroecology and food sovereignty, we risk facing insecurity for food supply in the future.”


To better understand ECVC’s position, please find the open letter here.



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