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Right to land

The working group aims to implement the right to land and natural resources in Europe and in European policies, as defined in article 17 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants.

For several years, the fight for fairer and better European land governance regulation has been at the forefront of our work. Together with our allies, we have published case studies of land struggles across Europe and have helped shine a light on land grabbing at European level. In 2017, this work resulted in MEPs submitting an Own Initiative Report on land concentration, which was subsequently adopted by the European Parliament, acknowledging the importance of this phenomenon as a threat to European food sovereignty.

The working group is currently developing a proposal for a fair European regulatory framework on agricultural land governance based on the CFS Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT). We also support the local land struggles of each member organisation, advocating for fairer land governance at EU level, and participating in EU spaces for better soil and forest management and governance. Similarly, we participate in international solidarity collectives with La Via Campesina and food sovereignty networks.

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Key objectives

  1. Transform EU land policies for fairer and better access to land.
  2. Implement agrarian reform for social and ecological justice.
  3. Ensure agroecological use of land.