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Defend Food Sovereignty and Peasant Rights



The European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) thanks the foundations, organizations and people who have contributed to our campaigns over time. Raising funds is not an easy activity for ECVC, especially when it comes to grassroots, progressive, radical and independent work, for the rights of small farmers around Europe and the future of food and farming.


To guarantee our independence, we do not accept funding from corporations, foundations or individuals whose activities generate pollution or social and economic injustice. We are proud to be supported by people, public funding and small and independent foundations that allow us to continue our work according to our principles.


Your financial support is essential in this struggle because it allows us to have the human and material resources necessary to effectively carry it out.


Bank account data:


Name of bank account owner: European Coordination Via Campesina
Address of the bank account owner: Rue Sablonnière 18, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

IBAN code (EURO account): BE 20 0004 1152 8156
Name of the Bank: BPost Banque
Address of the Bank: Brussels, Belgium


Thank you for your support!


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